How To Put An Advertising Portfolio Together

Looking to put an ad portfolio together and get a job copywriting or a job as an art director? Good luck…you’re going to need it. To put an advertising portfolio together to get a job on Madison Ave is like finding the best creative jobs on the planet. In many ways, finding a job as a copywriter is as tough as becoming an actor…maybe harder.

When you put your book together to get a job at an ad agency, it can’t be like any other advertising portfolio. It has to be the portfolio that gets you hired…the advertising portfolio that gets you the job. It needs to sing your praises as someone who can dominate creative advertising from the word go.

If you are looking to become a creative advertising person, to become a creative director, or become an art director, then you had better create a great advertising portfolio and make sure nothing in your portfolio is in other applicants’ portfolio.

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