Spark TV: The Craft of Copywriting

Resident copywriter Alastair Dickie gives us a brief oversight about how the copy department works at Creative Spark and all the various guises (and disguises) a writing brief can come in.

Copywriting can mean a number of different things; whether you are working in video content marketing, building a corporate identity design or improving the user experience of your website, you are bound to come across copywriting at some point. As an integrated marketing and advertising agency, here at Creative Spark we use our skills to tell a story for each of our clients. There from the very beginning creating story boards and concepts, copywriters get to know you in order to tell your story in the best way. Being a creative web design company, we have come across stories that need to be in told in a number of different industries.
We work across a number of different concepts, whether it is content for blog posts and social media or scripts for TV production. Sometimes all that’s needed is one line to get the story to where it needs to be.

Copywriting is essentially words, but words well written. We’re a creative agency in Manchester with a difference, bringing your story to life with flair and style.

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