How Tucker Sold 3M Books, CopyWriting King Neville Medhora, $1M In Revenue Erica Douglass

Minute 0:37 Tucker Max
1. You’ll hear how many books Tucker has sold all together
2. How his new company helps anyone self-publish and win big
3. How much revenue his company has made since late 2014

Minute 21:20 Neville Medhora
1. The words Neville changed that immediately sold 120 units of his product (House of Rave quick sell experiment)
2. How to hire a copywriter who won’t rip you off and who actually knows what their doing
3. How to write copy that sells even if you suck at selling.

Minute 54:12 Erica Douglass
1. When she was 26 she sold her first company for a lot of money. Stay tuned to see how much she sold it for.  
2. Her new business repairs iphone. She’ll reveal costs and margins and who the liars in the iphone repair business are.
3. I ask Erica if she’d sell for $10m. Stay tuned for her answer!

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