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Becoming a great writer in 50 days or less

In an effort to help you become a better writer, grow your experience and your portfolio, and succeed as a freelancer, I have created a writer’s task course.

Each daily task and 7 words have been strategically chosen to maximize your level of thinking as a writer, inspire you and fulfil an objective.

With each daily task completed, the difficulty level will increase and I encourage you to take 20 to 30 minutes out of your day to complete each task or at least invest some time to think about it. So either come back daily for the new daily dare or subscribe to Writer’s Daily Dare.

Feel free to post your finished pieces below, on your blog (it would be great if you would link back to this post as your inspiration), or add it to your portfolio. I am looking forward to reading them.

The best Daily Dare Article of the week will be posted in the Weekly Daily Dare Newsletter, which will create exposure of your name as a writer and add to your experience and accomplishments. Sign-up for the weekly daily dare to see if your article will be featured.

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