How to write copy for selling info-products | Copywriting Training

How to write copy for selling info-products | Copywriting Training

What’s the problem?

– Aspiring copywriters and novice info-product marketers have trouble writing copy that sells ‘information’

– It’s one thing to convince something to buy a physical ‘thing’ that they can see and touch, but convincing someone to buy something that’s ‘intangible’ is another subject

What’s the solution?

– Understand the concept of ‘give away the strategy, sell the step-by-step’

– Understand that the more niche you are, the easier it is for you to sell information

How does it work?

Example of ‘giving away the strategy’ and selling the ‘step-by-step’:

How to lose weight niche –

Address the problem:

You’re looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle so you can lose weight, get in to better shape and become healthier overall.

You’re seeing tons of different information out on the net and in magazines and you’re confused on what exactly you should do.

You know that you should be eating less so you can lose weight but whenever you try to eat less, you starve, and end up eating more than you would typically.

You realized that simply eating less may not be the answer.

Give the strategy:

The truth is: you’re right – eating less and starving is not the answer.

Not eating will cause your metabolism to drop and make you go in to starvation mode. Simply speaking, your body will freak out and stop buning energy. This will make you lose weight even slower!

What you want to do instead is do these 2 things:

1. Eat foods that are low glycemic – These foods will not turn in to additional fat

2. Increase your protein intake so you stay full for longer. The additional protein will increase muscle growth which will burn your body fat even faster.

By doing these 2 things together, you will be able to lose weight without unhealthily and ineffectively starving yourself.

Sell the step-by-step solution:

So, what foods are low glycemic? How do you incorporate these foods in to your diet? What kind of foods are high in healthy protein?

Well, in the Ultimate Hungry-Man’s Guide to Weight Loss system, you will get the complete list of delicious low glycemic foods.

You will get the best step-by-step process for incorporating these foods in to your diet so you can quickly start burning fat..

and you’ll get the step-by-step xyz, abc

– The more you understand about the niche, the easier it is for you to connect and sell


– Give away to the overall ‘strategy’ to solving the problem
– Sell the ‘step-by-step’ solution for implementing the strategy

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