Social Media Copywriting Course: 7 Habits of Effective Writers

This social media copywriting course is packed with tips and “7 Habits” to become effective at turning engaged followers into qualified leads, faster. Get the entire course w/ worksheets and email tips here

You will also learn how to sell and maintain your credibility on social platforms; a simple, repeatable ‘trigger’ technique to provoke action; spark buyers curiosity in you… then, get them to act on that curiosity. All using blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Google+ and Facebook.

Looking for a social media copywriting course that gives you the ability to turn engaged prospects into sales leads? You just found it. This “7 Habits” course shows you, step-by-step, how to create content that starts a purpose-driven dialogue.

I will show you Common but problematic “best practices” (what experienced social media copywriters avoid) Success principles & repeatable formulas that will produce more social media copywriting success for you An easy way to take action—to start making these 7 habits SERVE you in everyday life.

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