Copywriting 101: How to Write Emails for Lead Conversion

In this training, we’ll review how to write effective emails that engage the audience and get them to take action more quickly.

Here are a few key points we covered in this training:

(1:15) Copywriting: Salesmanship in print
(2:20) 4 pillars of salesmanship: Trust, need, help, hurry
(8:00) Identifying the right message, right market, and right media to deliver your message
(10:35) THE LEAD: 6 Proven ways to grab someone’s attention:

1. Offer/Promise – “I have this special opportunity for you and here’s why…”
2. Invitation – “I’d like to personally invite you to check out or attend this special (blank)…”
3. Problem/Solution – “If you’re suffering from this problem, I’m going to show you how to fix it.”
4. Secret – “I’m going to let you in on a little-known, insider secret of my industry today…”
5. Story – “Bob’s life was a mess, and then he had this turning point and now he is a success! Here’s how…”
6. Prediction – “Where is the market headed? Stay tuned for my prediction of what’s going to happen…”

(21:30) Sample writings for developing trust and nurturing a lead
(22:30) Using each sentence to “hook” the reader into continuing to read
(23:50) The cosmetic effects of using 1 or 2 sentences per line and graphical highlighting
(27:20) Area merge fields to “localize” the message and keep readers engaged
(29:10) Pattern Interrupts…break the standard
(32:00) Using “you” and “your” to keep the message personal rather than self-promotional
(34:25) Adding Benefit Statements like “so you can” so you can help readers know “what’s in it for me”
(38:15) Keeping the email short to give it a spontaneous feel
(44:00) The Pain Avoidance technique
(49:45) How bolding the benefits provides a secondary reading path for anyone short on time
(52:00) Call to action is woven into the body copy, multiple hyperlinks, almost as an afterthought
(54:50) Honest, personal, authentic, and vulnerable communication styles are ALWAYS better than professional, safe, and corporate.
(58:45) Cut, cut, cut: Get rid of anything that isn’t absolutely necessary
(59:50) 300 or 400px wide for iPhone formatting

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