Copywriting Training | The 1 most overlooked golden rule of copywriting

The one most overlooked, golden rule of copywriting

What you’ll learn:

– Talk about the one most overlooked golden rule of copywriting
– When violated, this rule will kill your sales and create a “disconnect” between you and your audience
– Makes your copy “wimpy” – not cool

What’s the problem here?

– Novice copywriters use wimpy language that is abitrary and confusing
– Kills the sale!
– This is what I mean:

– Do you know what I’m trying to say if I said:

“I’m going to help you realize your financial goals and unlock your potential. And help you discover your true passion”

– When a person reads this, they’ll think “I don’t believe you, you don’t even know what my goals are. What does true passion even mean?”

– This is what I see in the “life coaching” industry all the time – It means nothing!

What’s the solution?

– What to write instead:

“I’m going to teach you how to take your existing knowledge and turn it in to an $100k/year freelancing business.”

– Concrete, external, measurable, quantifiable – NO CONFUSION

– It’s different from just “niching down”, however, to follow this rule you will typically need to go narrow

– Point here is to use language that is specific, black and white, measurable, quantifiable.


Lose weight quickly
Cut down 16 lbs of fat in 7 days

Learn the secrets to lose weight quickly
Learn how to cut down 16lbs of fat in 7 days or less

Become more productive
Get at least twice as many tasks complete

Little trick to do each morning to help you become more productive
1 tactic to use tomorrow morning that will help you get at least twice as many tasks completed

A little more

Simple optimization strategy to make you a little more money
Optimization strategy to increase your net revenue by 8%

Bright colors
Lime green and florencent pink

Use bright colors for your ad design to improve click-through
Use lime green and florencent pink to double your click-through

– Exception to the rule is that if the target market uses a specific buzz-word, you’re then allowed to use it
– Since that target market all understand that the buzz-word means, you can communicate clearly by also using the buzz-word
– Example: Peace of mind, Stress free, Sleep better
– Find the buzz-words by doing customer research

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