Network Marketing Scripts To Get You New Reps

Probably the most popularly asked question from new network marketers is, “What do I say to my prospects to recruit them?”. Most new marketers have no marketing or sales experience, so this is completely understandable. Novice MLM’ers, as well as experienced ones, are in dire need of nurturing and training, so here are two network marketing scripts that you could use right away in your business, and make it super easy to start inviting people to view your company presentation.

So step one here is to engage with your warm market, and the first of our network marketing scripts is going to be directed toward speaking with those folks. Now, so we’re all on the same page, your warm market is people who know who you are. Examples of these people are friends, family, co-workers, people you may know casually from your kids soccer practice, or the guy who works in the deli. There are many different network marketing scripts you could use to, but for this training I’d like to keep it simple.

Network Marketing Scripts – Warm Market Template
So when speaking with your warm market, you want to keep it non-salesy. Be sure to stay completely detached from the outcome, and know that most people will tell you no right off the bat. Your warm market crowd, at the very least is good practice for you to work on your network marketing scripts. Try this simple script with your warm market.

Hi (Insert Name Here). How’s it going? Listen, I’m not sure if this is something you’d even be interested in, but are you open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you have going on (at work, with your job, with your schedule, etc.)?

This template is pretty cool because when you tell them off the bat that this might not interest them, it leaves them an out, which is actually more important than you may think. You want to keep it light. If they indicate that they may be open, only then do you make time for viewing the presentation. Don’t push and don’t beg. If the answer is no, then decide right now to completely OK with that, and move on to the next person.

Network Marketing Scripts – Cold Market Template
Cold market is a completely different ballgame. These are people who you don’t know, and they definitely don’t know you. Let me start by saying that if you’re going to be making cold calls, have a plan to be as efficient as possible with your calling time. Focus your energy on professional people. Sales and management minded people are probably the best group to call. I learned this method from Todd Falcone, who is a very successful marketer, trainer, and mentor in the home business industry. Try this with some cold market professionals.

Hi Tom. My name is Scott. We don’t know each other directly, but I’m a business owner in here in (Your city and state). I’m actually expanding some of my businesses operations into your area, and I’m keeping an eye out for sharp business people to help with my expansion. I’m just throwing it out there, if I could share with you a way where you could generate a passive income, while enhancing what you’re currently doing in your (real estate, sales, mortgage, etc.) business, is that something you’d even be interested in taking a peek at?

This template is also fantastic because of these two network marketing scripts, this one targets business minded people. Even though you don’t know them directly, they’d be more inclined to at least look at your information because sharp business people are going to be, at least partly, money motivated. The prospect of earning more cashola may be an interesting scenario for them to ponder.

Try these network marketing scripts out, and leave me a comment how well they work for you.

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