Smart Marketers Choice Podcast Ep 1 ft. Danavir Sarria of CopyMonk

Hey there fellow Smart Marketer’s!

Today, I’ve got my first Episode for the new Podcasting Series…

Featuring a Trailblazing Copywriter… Danavir Sarria, he’s known for & CopyMonk.

You’ll learn How he grew his Facebook Group from 0 – 1300 people in 13 weeks!

He’s given myself, and potentially you (if you listen), a tonne of insights into developing our Copy!

The Smart Marketer’s Choice Podcast is designed to help you Turn Cold Traffic into Warm Leads & Potential Sales!

I hope you love my brutally honest questions helping you withdraw the wisdom from each Guest on the show!

In today’s episode we go over…

– How Danavir got his First Copywriting Client & Future Clients!

– What would he teach himself if he were a complete Novice again at Copywriting?

– Who are the best Copywriters to learn from?

– The barebones of Email Marketing / Direct Response Copy

– How he grew his Facebook group to 1300 people in 13 weeks!

– Cultivating your Brand!

You cannot miss this episode, he’s unveiled a lot of Secrets to help aspiring Copywriters and Entrepreneurs alike get better at Selling with Words!

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