“‘Try Not To Die’: Advice on Completing Your First Triathlon” by Nick Reese (Ignite Bend 4)

Try not to die. That’s pretty much the best advice I can give you if you are thinking of doing a triathlon for the first time. Because nobody completes their first triathlon. They only survive it. But if you’re like me, you’re thinking: “Where do I sign up?” In this presentation I will introduce the audience to the sport of triathlon and take them through the basics of the race, with tips on training, equipment and race day tactics. I don’t come at this from the view of a professional triathlete, but as relatively recent beginner—I’ve only completed four Olympic distance races, with my first in 2006, and I remember vividly the terror, intimidation and confusion at even the thought of the race. My goal is to throw light on what the beginner can expect to experience in their first race, demystifying one of the most difficult athletic undertakings in the world, and inspiring people to take up the challenge of the sport.

About Nick: Nick Reese is a professional copywriter, amateur triathlete, and apprentice adventurer. You can follow his travails in triathloning at ayearofamazingfeats.wordpress.com.

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