How to Write Marketing Messages – Copywriting Secrets & Headlines that Sell

Sales Copywriting Secrets Ford Saeks reveals how to write compelling body copy and marketing offers. Make sure you watch the other YOUTUBE clips on writing compelling headlines first.

We want a headline that makes the prospect read the subhead. A subhead that makes him read the opening. And an opening that makes him read the second paragraph. And each paragraph after that has the same function; to pull the reader through the body copy.

For most people, opening a letter or ad is their hardest task. Once they get into the stream of the copy, they do fine. But most copywriters take a few paragraphs getting warmed up.

Unfortunately the few paragraphs it takes to do that are likely to be the ones that drive away a large percentage of the prospects.

No matter what medium you are working in, the prospect is busy, skeptical, and distracted. They open your sales letters over the trash. They scan a page in a magazine or newspaper before they commit to reading it. Their fingers are on their computer mouse ready to click or on the TV remote, just waiting to punch a button.

So you dont have time to warm up. You have to grab them by the collar, throw them up against the wall, and practically shout, This is important to YOU. Pay attention now!

And that has to happen first with your headline—and then your copy lead-in. So how do you get right into the meat, and grab the prospect without meandering around, warming up?

I’ve got the secret. I learned this from legendary copywriter and business partner—Randy Gage. I’ll explain the how to get immediately into a compelling narrative; and one that commands the prospects attention too!

You’ll want to start with one of the following body-copy lead templates. Use any one of them, and you are immediately into the copy narrative. And once you’re there, the copy will flow naturally. All are effective; it is simply a case of deciding, which one is appropriate for the offer that you are making.

Here they are, pay attention—this is worth millions! Please write down the categories then I’ll give you examples.

The Six lead-in sales copy templates are:
The Burning Question(s) | The Invitation | The Behind the Scenes Story | The YOU approach | and The Take-way |
Here are the examples The Burning Question(s): First, two questions, if I may… You can use one or more questions but no more that 3 in most cases.

The Invitation: You’re invited to be one of the first in your area to receive…

The Behind the Scenes Story: It was eight o’clock on a Thursday morning. I arrived at my office to find… OR Well it happened again. I proposed a marketing strategy to a new client – who told me it wouldn’t work.

The You Approach: Executives like you are a very special breed. You’re the kind of person that…

The Take-Away: Odds are that you dont even qualify for the offer I’m about to make. But on the slight chance that you are…

Let’s review these sales copywriting tips:
First, you already are a great copywriter. You either paint the mental picture of the joy the prospect will get using your product, or you paint the picture of the hardship he will continue to endure without it.

You have a system for writing headlines and lead-in templates for writing the body copy. You can use the 4 Us to rate and improve your headlines too. Remember, you don’t have to have a degree in English to be a Profit-Rich Copywriting Pro! Use the skills youve learned today and practice, practice, practice! You’ll know youre copy is working when your prospects convert to customers. Remember to test your copy, track the response, modify it, and then repeat again.

Thank you for joining me today. I hope you’ve enjoyed a peek into the Copywriting Secrets of the Pros. For those of you that want to learn more, visit

Remember, whether you’re the an Entrepreneur, CEO, Marketing Director, or Staff Member everyone on the team plays an important role in being sure all of your marketing efforts Add Value and Make a Profit.

Until next time, this is your host, Ford Saeks reminding you to take action on creating and delivering the right message, to the right market, with the right methods to enjoy Profit-Rich Marketing Success!

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