Landing Page Copywriting for Maximum Conversions

Brevity is the soul of wit. Concision is the soul of copywriting. This means saying just enough. Train yourself to think and speak less. (Wink.) Watch this video and learn how.

You’ve learned about the tools writers use to build out their copy. You’ve examined how writers craft great headlines and CTAs. You’ve even trotted out a new formula designed to assist you in developing the kind of body copy that get people to feel. Now, in the fifth and final lesson Instapage’s Marketing Academy, you put what you’ve learned to practice and learn how to do more with less.

In this lesson we go full-on literal, in both the academic and the artistic way. See how one of George Orwell’s most famous opening lines can inform you copywriting. Take a page out of Ernest Hemingway’s playbook and grasp the emotional value of the declarative sentence. Utilize the Nietzschean approach to copywriting and say in ten lines what others need an tire book to say.

The Instapage Marketing Academy Series is a series of tiered lessons designed to educate digital marketers on topics that are relevant to their business, their work and potentially to their careers. First topic covered in this series is copywriting for landing pages and other marketing materials.

This YouTube based series is presented by Instapage as supplemental video content designed to help you improve your landing page copy. Better copy on your landing pages will enhance your brand, create more customers, help you keep and engage current customers, and nurture all customers.

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