Russ Phelps Copywriter | STEP 1 Do Your Homework

Russ Phelps Copywriter | STEP1 Do Your Homework

Russ Phelps Killer Copywriter – Marketing Maven

“Herein is revealed a powerful
7-step process I’ve used to write
thousands of marketing pieces for
more than 600 clients since 1978.
Now, you can look over my shoulder
and see how I’ve done it.”
Need your own Killer Copy?

Almost nobody does enough homework before they write a word of ad copy, make a marketing plan, or start selling. And that’s the main reason why most ad copy and marketing tactics are anemic, weak and ineffective. Frankly, about 80% of the ad copy I see is:

 full of puffery instead of power;
 loaded with generalities instead of specifics;
 full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

STEP #1: Do Your Homework.

Here’s what I mean by “doing your homework”. Before I write a word of copy for a client,I have them fill out a 25-question Client Questionnaire. In its original form, it runs to 5 pages! Below is a list of those 25 questions you can also use to get your thinking focused.
Feel free to print out these questions in your own form, and use it for your own projects.

Make sure you do the research necessary to get the answers to these questions before you write the copy.

If you try to weasel out of getting the answers to these questions, you might be a “marketing accident waiting to happen.”

Sure, some of these questions might not relate exactly to your project. If so, fine—omit them or modify them to fit your situation.

However, make sure you are not kidding yourself or trying to cut corners. If you are, it will come back to haunt you!

Here’s the good news: If you do this homework, you are 50% of the way to having killer ad copy that can make you lots of money for years to come—maybe even set you up for life!

So, then, I ask you—is it worth it? Of course it is!

How does this work in actual practice?

Here’s an example from my own client files:
In 1993, I started working with Laughlin Associates, Inc. of Carson City, Nevada. They have a wide product line (books, tapes, seminars, newsletter, consulting services). But their
target customer is very well defined—they cater to business people and investors who are concerned about reducing taxes, protecting their assets, and maintaining financial privacy.

My first assignment was to create a direct mail piece to sell their flagship product, a 500+ page book titled “The Corporation Manual.” Before I wrote a word of copy, here was the “homework” I did:

1. Got the completed Client Questionnaire from the client.
2. Interviewed three key people at the client company and took careful, detailed notes on every aspect of their business.
3. Got copies of every ad, mailing piece, brochure, press release, etc. they had ever used with data on how they used it, what the results were, etc.
4. Got copies from them of every competitor ad they had collected.
5. Contacted six of their competitors, acted like a prospect, collected all of their marketing literature, talked with their sales people, and took copious notes on how they acted, what sales approaches they used, what I learned, etc.

6. Bought and read the four best books I could find on the same subject as The Corporation Manual.
7. Called and interviewed five of the client’s key customers.

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