Copywriting for Beginners How To Quickly Write a Sales Letter

Copywriting is a skill but if you know the basics then (unless you’re in a mega competitive niche) you can get ahead of most of your competition with some basic knowledge.

It’s not quite cookie-cutter, otherwise there would only be one style of sales letter on the internet, but writing copy for your sales letter can be close to formulaic.

2:25 First you need to decide what you’re selling – usually, just focusing on one product works best.

7:09 Next, pick the style of the sales letter you want to create. Will it be dripping with hype? Or relatively plain? Or somewhere in between?

17:17 Your headline is a critical part of your copywriting. Without a good headline, people won’t click and they won’t read the rest of your copy. Use an online headline generator to quickly come up with some good headline ideas and also sub-headings to keep people interested in your sales letter.

21:10 Write your copy in “brain dump” mode – don’t edit what you’re typing, just type away until you’re finished. Then come back and edit your sales letter the next day.

When you’re editing, make sure to read your brand new sales letter out loud. It makes all the difference – you’ll spot where things aren’t right and you’ll be able to correct them.

Tweak the look and feel to your preferred design – some eye candy (pictures, maybe videos) can help but too much can be distracting. Often graphics designers can hinder rather than help as they want to make the page look “cool” instead of selling things.

Publish and promote your sales letter and then test it to improve conversions if needed.

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