Michael Millman on Charismatic Copywriting At Joe Polish’s Annual Piranha Marketing Conference

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This video is from an impromptu educational presentation on some of the basic aspects of Charismatic Copywriting and Communications. I was invited to speak to Joe Polish’s annual Piranha Marketing Event while I was there as Joe’s guest.

The talk contains 100% content with no commercial pitch whatsoever. There is an offer to support Joe’s favorite charity that was made to his group at the end, which quite a number of people contributed to.

The backstory on this video is this. I was doing quite a bit of copy polishing and platform presentation coaching for Mike Koenigs at the time. Mike invited me to sit in on his high end mastermind group that Joe happened to be speaking at. I hadn’t seen Joe in quite a few years so it was great to reconnect.

As we were chatting, he revealed he was about to release a sales letter for the Gary Halbert XXX Tape series he owned the rights to. Joe’s a good copywriter having learned a lot at the knee of Gary. I asked him if he’d let me give him the gift of a once over on his copy, with no obligation or expectation. He was free to use it if he wanted to, or not.

He agreed to let me work my brand of magic on it. It turned out he loved what I did with it and as a result, invited me to be his guest at his event that month. I gladly accepted his gracious invitation. That led to him asking me if I could do a short educational talk for his group on my signature style of Charismatic Copywriting. In the twenty minutes that was available, I focused on removing all the Negative Persuasion Patterns from communications. That’s the first part of what you’ll see in this video.

You’ll learn about the Seven Negative Persuasion Language Patterns and how to eliminate them. Then you’ll hear a simple emotion driven seven step structure for constructing an offer for maximum response.

This video is just the tip of the iceberg of everything that makes Charismatic Copywriting so effective.

I trust you’ll get some value from it and will use what you learn to improve your copy and communications. Feel free to connect with me if you believe I can be of help to you in increasing the conversions and profitability of your sales efforts.

You’ll be able to get access to the full Charismatic Copywriting course soon. Connect with me to get added to the annoucement list about the release of the product.

Some samples of my writing style can be found on a page written for a special offer back in 2007 here:


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